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Synthesis of mechanically robust renewable poly(ester-amide)s through co-polymerisation of unsaturated polyesters and synthetic polypeptides

Brannigan R.P., Heise A.

European Polymer Journal


Polyesters with main and side chain phosphoesters as structural motives for biocompatible electrospun fibres

Polloni A.E., Chiaradia V., Do Amaral R.J.F.C., Kearney C., Gorey B., De Oliveira D., De Oliveira J.V., De Araújo P.H.H., Sayer C., Heise A.

Polymer Chemistry


Development of a nanomedicine-loaded hydrogel for sustained delivery of an angiogenic growth factor to the ischaemic myocardium

O’Dwyer J., Murphy R., Dolan E.B., Kovarova L., Pravda M., Velebny V., Heise A., Duffy G.P., Cryan S.A.

Drug Delivery and Translational Research


Synthesis of Novel bis-Triazolinedione Crosslinked Amphiphilic Polypept(o)ide Nanostructures

Brannigan R.P., Kimmins S.D., Bobbi E., Caulfield S., Heise A.

Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics


Crosslinking of electrospun fibres from unsaturated polyesters by bis-triazolinediones (TAD)

Chiaradia V., Hanay S.B., Kimmins S.D., de Oliveira D., Araújo P.H.H., Sayer C., Heise A.



Poly(amino acid)-grafted polymacrolactones. Synthesis, self-assembling and ionic coupling properties

Tinajero-Díaz E., Martínez de Ilarduya A., Cavanagh B., Heise A., Muñoz-Guerra S.

Reactive and Functional Polymers


Polymers from macrolactones: From pheromones to functional materials

Wilson J.A., Ates Z., Pflughaupt R.L., Dove A.P., Heise A.

Progress in Polymer Science


Transfection of autologous host cells in vivo using gene activated collagen scaffolds incorporating star-polypeptides

Walsh D.P., Raftery R.M., Castaño I.M., Murphy R., Cavanagh B., Heise A., O'Brien F.J., Cryan S.-A.

Journal of Controlled Release


3D-extrusion printing of stable constructs composed of photoresponsive polypeptide hydrogels

Murphy R.D., Kimmins S., Hibbitts A.J., Heise A.

Polymer Chemistry


Anisotropic polymer nanoparticles with solvent and temperature dependent shape and size from triblock copolymers

Bobbi E., Sabagh B., Cryan S.-A., Wilson J.A., Heise A.

Polymer Chemistry


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