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Polypeptide hybrid

Over the years the Heise group has explored a number of hybrid materials mainly focused around surface grafting of functional polymers, for example from porous polymers, polymer films or nanoparticles with the rational to render the material surface bioactive or biocompatible. Examples include biofunctional polyHIPEs, glycopeptide functional silica and magnetic nanoparticles for elective binding as well as polypeptide grafted polyester films. Recenly, the group started to explore interpenetrating and double polypeptide networks to enhance mechanical properties and broaden opportunities for the polypeptide materials in tissue engineering. This activity is expected  to further grow in the future.

magnetic particles.png

glycopeptide grafted magnetic nanoparticle


protein immobilisation of polyHIPE through polymer surface grafting

polypeptide interpenetrating network

PGl films.png

protein immobilisation on polyester film through polymer grafting

Selected publications:

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