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Daniela completed her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry at University of Milan, where she first came into contact with biopolymers working on the syhthesis of cyclodextrine derivatives-chain transfer agents (Tutor A. Manfredi). In October 2018, she pursued her master’s degree in Industrial chemistry (October 20018, UNIMI). During the 12-months laboratory activity, she joined M. A. Ortenzi’s group (CRC-LAMPO) and she worked on the synthesis sulfonated polyarylethersulfones: she studied their application as membrane in photoelectrocatalytic devices (Tutor G.L.Chiarello) and used them as doping agent for the preparation of PEDOT polymeric solution. As an Erasmus student, and studied PEDOT:SPES thermoelectric properties at Leibniz University of Hannover.

Daniela joined the Heise group in February 2019 as a PhD student as an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in the Horizon 2020 MSCA ITN NanoCarb on glycosylated nanoparticles with enhanced therapeutic actions for healthcare applications. In particular, she is working on the development of polystyrene-polypeptide and polystyrene-polyacrylate glycosylated nanoparticles.

Department of Chemistry, RCSI, 123 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland

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