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Bing is a well-trained physical chemist with broad expertise in the field of advanced spectroscopic techniques, as well as material sciences. He have implemented a wide range of analytical methods in my research to understand the correlation between the microscopic chemical structure and macroscopic physico-chemical properties of advanced organic and inorganic materials.

The researches he has carried out mainly focused on two directions: (i) developing sustainable chemical engineering materials (e.g. hydrogel, electrodes) and (ii) developing advanced analytical methodologies/ instruments (e.g. NMR, SAXS) to improve their sensitivity and applicability.

Department of Chemistry, RCSI, 123 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland



Exploring the interactions of iron and zinc with the microtubule binding repeats R1 and R4, S Ahmadi, B Wu, R Song, S Zhu, A Simpson, DJ Wilson, H-B Kraatz, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, 205, 110987, 2020.

Direct Conversion of McDonald’s Waste Cooking Oil into a Biodegradable High-Resolution 3D-Printing Resin, B Wu, A Sufi, RG Biswas, A Hisatsune, V Moxley-Paquette, P Ning, R Soong, AP Dicks, AJ Simpson, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 8, 1171-1177, 2020.

Understanding the Fate of Environmental Chemicals Inside Living Organisms: NMR-Based 13C Isotopic Suppression Selects Only the Molecule of Interest within 13C-Enriched Organisms, D Lane, YL Mobarhan, R Soong, P Ning, W Bermel, MT Anaraki, B Wu, H Heumann, M Gundy, H Boenisch, T-Y Jeong, V Kovacevic, MJ Simpson, AJ Simpson, Analytical Chemistry, 91, 15000-15008, 2019.

Facile Approach for Synthesizing High-Performance MnO/C Electrodes from Rice Husk, D Zhan, W Luo, H-B Kraatz, M Fehse, Y Li, Z Xiao, DF Brougham, AJ Simpson, B WuACS Omega, 4, 18908-18917, 2019.

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